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The processing of personal data

Once read the under-indicated information and clicked on the “REGISTER” button, the person concerned accepts to be registered and consents to use own personal data to receive the newsletters directly to his private e-mail. Also, the newsletter may include commercial information too, for this reason, when the person concerned gives his private e-mail, he accepts to receive promotional notices too, according to the provisions of Law 185/99, art.10. Together with the e-mail address, the user’s IP address, the operating system and the subscribing time are also registered automatically to possibly check the validity of the information.

According to the provisions of Art.13 of the Privacy Code.

A) Purposes and methods to process personal data.

All personal data are gathered and treated to grant the feasibility of the requested services. The registered data may also be used for internal statistical reports or to send information about the company to the person concerned. In case of need, the received personal data can also be communicated to third parties. Personal data will be treated by using both manual and computerised systems to save all information, manage the data and transfer them in compliance with the safety measures (the information will be saved on paper archives, IT devices and any other requested suitable support). The person concerned has the right to revise, update or cancel the provided data at any time.

B - C) Rejection of data.

All needed data are necessary to fulfill the requested services. In default of data, the person concerned cannot take advantage of the wished service.

D) Third parties who can receive the requested data.

In reference to point A: Personal data can be also transmitted to third parties not involved in the contract directly.

E) Rights of the person concerned.

In reference to this personal data treatment and according to the provisions of Art.7 of the Privacy Code:

  1. The person concerned has the right to receive the confirmation of the existence (or not) of personal data (even if still not registered) and have them communicated through intelligible form.

  2. The person concerned has the right to receive following information:
    The source of the existing personal data;
    b) Purposes and methods of this processing;
    The employed reasoning when data are treated by using e-devices;
    d) The Owner’s, manager’s and designated representative’s personal data, according to the provisions of Art.5, co.2; e) Third parties’ personal data, who are acting as nominated representatives of the State, who could receive or could get in touch with the personal data of the person concerned.
  3. The person concerned has the right to:
    update, revise or complete the personal data;
    cancel, revise anonymously or freeze those data treated in violation of law, with the exception of those limits established by the law;
    get a written confirmation of the above-listed operations, ref. point a) and b), specifying the contents of these points, listing all the persons who came to know or scattered the personal data, with the exception of those cases where it’s not possible to fulfill this right and the required commitment need to employ out of proportion means/tools.

  4. The person concerned has the right to take position against this personal data treatment totally or partially: a) For legal reasons concerning this personal data treatment and for reasons involved in the aim of the data collection; b) For personal data treatment involved in advertising & direct trade materials or relating to market researches or promotional notices.

F) Owner of the treatement.

Paolo Vitale di F.lli Forleo Srl; the legal head office is located in Via Puglia n.15 Monza.

PAOLO VITALE di F.lli Forleo srl - 20846 Macherio (MB) - Via E. Toti 72 - tel: +39 039 48.08.80
email: P.Iva e C. F. 03761380967 Capitale Sociale € 10.000,00 i.v.
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